Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lady in red

'Twas a beautiful Friday morning. Busy day at the Tamu in Kianggeh. I was there with my Nikon practicing my photo-taking. Trying to shoot something interesting. Then this beauty came up. Yessir!! Certainly interesting. Certainly stand out from the other customers. Lady in Red!! Nice. Seemed akward. Like she doesnt belong there. Maybe accompanying her dear older sister or friend.

The Tamu is an interesting place. Survived after all these years. Even in the days of the mega supermarkets, and the corner indian shops, people still go to the tamu for that extra something that you can only get there. Nice. I once said here that people dont go visit the tamu much nowadays. I was wrong. People still do. Interesting people. Old people. Young people. Weird people. Funny people. People like this beauty in red. I like.

The unique thing about the tamu... is that its a place for Bruneians and locals to sell their produce. Their own hard work. Grown from their own little farms or backyard fields. For that alone its worth maintaining. A place for locals to sell their produce. Their marketplace.

Friday, December 7, 2007


Had a picnic the other week. Built a nice fire and had a barbecue. This is the fire. Looks really hot. Kids built the with adult supervision la. I took a pic of the fire..turns out nice. Never seen fire like that. I take fire for granted. I know its red. And maybe blue. And i know its hot!

Then we had a barbecue. We went fishing, using a pukat or whatever that is called. Caught lots of prawns instead. Menyalai eh!!!

Best lah. Sedap. I wanted to say that the kids loved it, but i have to say we adlts loved it more. haha. The family loves doing this...picnics over the weekends. Tungku mostly. Its beautiful there. But nowadays we have to check the tide times. Eversince they did the earthworks in Tungku, the road is mostly inaccessible by car and 4wd. Only big trucks can pass through. Eh susah eh. We have to drive along the actual beach nowadays. Not possible if you dont have 4wd. The sand can be so soft.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Its so nice and hot on Sunday. I see lots of people out fishing. I wish i know how to fish. No patience. I'd get bored after five minutes.

Hensem kawan tani diatas ani eh. Pandai jaga diri bah. Sudahpun pakai topi, pakai payong lagi tuh. Bleh tahan eh. Mesti takut hitam ni kawan tani ani. Jaga diri. Heh.

The weather is kinda all over the place nowadays. The last few days its been raining. Just when you thought the weathers going to be nice, it pours. Happens all the time after you wash your car. Or hang your clothes to dry.

Well done to Anakbrunei for winning the Bloggies. I voted for you man!! My vote won it for you!! hahaha. As if!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Took this pic at one of the beaches on last Sunday. Lots of people having their picnic. Its nice. These group of kids were having their picture taken. So cute. Waiting patiently for the photographer to take their picture. I curi-curi lah with my 400mm lens way from the back. Couldnt resist. They were so nice and still. Yang kat hujung tu hensem ler..

Baju the mother tu tepaksa di 'censor' sikit. Tenaik bah.

I normally dont take pictures of people i dont know. Macam intruding bah. A bit like paparazzi...gambar curi. Mesti ada permission baru buleh show. Mana lah tau...kang salah tayang..gambar sulit!! Susah jua. Cuba tengok gambar bawah ni...

The couple in the foreground would be in trouble if they are not married lah. So if they bukan laki bini, they be in trouble and i am a troublemaker. Jadi paparazzi lah tu. Ha. Kalo mau jadi famous, jadi lah ku tu.

So kena lah be kepul sikit. Supaya tiada yang teraniaya.