Thursday, May 31, 2007

cats tapi bukan kami punya

The other day, i heard a commotion. Looked behind the house, and saw these two cats 'singing'. nyanyi meow meow wah. More like 'ngiiiaaauuuuuuuu'. haha. Maybe the bitchs in heat. Or maybe gaduh babe. They just stood there staring at each other just like that. Whats the matter with them? kalau kan gaduh, gaduh lah. Puas hati.

btw they're not my cats. I used to keep cats but dont know where they are now. Probably eloped with the locals. Or maybe chased away by dogs. We used to have a bad stray dogs problem. Stray dogs everywhere. There are too many stray dogs in Brunei lah..

My nephew

This is my nephew. His names Izz. Can you believe that? His real name!! Basar sudah badan nya. Skulah at that very expensive skulah umputeh. hehe. Atu the parents next to him, trying to coax him home. He likes being here. We're here. The boy cousins are here. Hes quiet and shy. Maybe one day he'll grow out of being shy and be a man. I guess being Bruneian means we have to be typically shy. Maybe its the school system, where we are taught by rote and not taught to think and be individualistic. Thats why hes in the expensive school! Get it!?

Anyway, hes handsome. And I'm biased. hahaha

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


My Granddaddy went to China and all he bought me was these..?

Qlap work

Hah! We see this sana sini. Ada saja bangunan baru atu. Ani pic taken in Qlap. Still more shophouses being built there. I wonder what Qlap will look like in 20 years time? Can imagine?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I love to drive. Driving aimlessly. Kereta inda jua hot banar. Tapi Sound systemnya lain macam lah. Tapi lately ani have been listening to lagu2 yang tergolong dalam kumpulan oldies. Cam UB40 and the Bee Gees and Clapton and The Police. ALum jua tua banar ku ani. Silahau kali..

p.s. i 'moved' the lamp post in this pic. It was too much in the middle of the pic, so i moved it a bit to the side. Composed better.

Milk, in a bottle

Milk. Dari lembu lah. The natural drink full of vitamins and minerals to help children grow. Adults buleh jua lah. I still drink milk. My anak also lah. Dulu suka natural straight-from-the-cow flavour, tapi now, huh, mesti ada 'unnatural' flavour. Strawberry. Vanilla oso can. Recently i discovered milk also come in a variety of other flavours. Chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and most recently i found a 'honey dew' flavoured drink. Yum.

I'm looking for a durian flavoured. That would be good. How about pizza flavoured? hahaha Tahai flavoured milk anyone??


At home, we play cards a lot. For fun. Gin Rummy. Durang kanak-kanak also play this game that i do not even understand. Hey we're not playing for money so i guess indada masalah. Kan? Kan?

I guess kanak-kanak dont much like to play outdoors nowadays. Its either computer games, or other indoor games. Or TV. At least playing cards is fun.

Monday, May 28, 2007


My parents love orchids. They keep a large garden full of them. Looks brilliant when they flower. i have to learn to take better shots of them. Nanti tah sudah tebali Macro lens..

Kami ani pandai meliat saja. Wish we have the same capacity to appreciate them. malas eh. Ganya kan lepak di Coffee Bean. Takut hitam babe..bepanas.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Miami? KK

Last December, went with the kids to KK. ooiii, macam di Miami. Kalau lah dapat naik bot tu. I love boats. Cant afford one tapi indada masalah admiring lah.

Kami ani suka ke KK. Regular lah. Soon di KK kan buka a Zoo. Lagi tah selalu kami kesana tu. Why can't we have something like this in Brunei yang tercinta ani? Adui ma. Ketinggalan kah?

Friday, May 25, 2007

Mr Kura-kura

My son asked me today.."dad, where do turtles come from..?" Lol. I have absolutely no idea where turtles come from.

My son keeps some tortoises as pets. Plays with them. More like hide and seek...he picks them up, they hide in their shells. haha. Very hard to get them to smile. Grouchy fellows. Always scowling. Harder still to play pretty much anything with them. I dont know why he keeps them. They dont do anything but just swim and eat i guess.

He will grow big. Abang-abang nya sudah grow big. Ntah grow big jadi turtle inda tau lah.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

First post..sojar

My first post. Try try ganya. Buang boring.

This is a pic of my anak punya sojar. Satu ganas, satu atu macam paloi jua, inda tau apapa. Tu ya kana timbak..

More soldiers. Red white and Blue. Even the giant wrestler-size soldier from the planet Kantutz. My anak love to play with these soldiers. DUlu masa kanak-kanak, bapanya ani pun ia juanya..