Saturday, June 30, 2007


So many blogger friends put up pics of sunsets so i thought i'd put my 2 cents worth.

Nowadays, a good shot seems to be one which is all gloom and full of 'dark ambience'. What happened to cheery photos?

Friday, June 29, 2007

morning dew

I woke up at an ungodly hour today. Well, 5am is too early for me..especially after a very late night lastnight. But a beautiful crisp morning greeted me, so it was good in the end.

I am glad we still have fresh clean air in this country.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Trying to capture the busy-ness of the crowd. busy busy busy. Wish Brunei is this busy. The only time tani ani sibuk camani is when ada cheap sale atau berabut kan membali tiket bula. Atu behimpit tia. Mun inda...dui...

Eh, au, jua kalo kan meliat konsert Dangdut. hehehe.

This other picture was taken at the same place, Orchard Road Singapore, during the Carnival earlier this year. Love the way they light up the place.

Ganya luan tinggi Yao Ming atu..ikut jua tia begambar...kacau.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Statue on the beach

Like a little skinny statue on the beach. Somebody had a sense of humour...see the little teddy kana gantung sana atu.

U find all kinds of funny things on the beach. selalunya sampah lah. Ani pun sekajap lagi jadi sampah lah...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One dollar shop

Took my Nikon to the One dollar shop the other day. well, smuggled actually. The sales girl didnt know whether to stop me or not.

I like these shops. So many useless little things you dont need, for sale. I came out with a bundle of stuff that only little kids would want. Great.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Its amazing you know when u have nothing to talk about but u just present a picture to show something weird but amazing. I have none of the above, but just a picture of a ships' moorings submerged in a river. Its old. Not used anymore, but its still there.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Little melon

From me dad's garden. Hes getting to be a regular lil farmer. Who coulda thought.

He has this little plot of land out in the wilderness somewhere and he grows these little melons and bananas and all kinds of things. But u gotta have the time lah...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

old pier

Some old tires made to good use...

Friday, June 22, 2007


The number 13. Some people consider it an unlucky number.

I went to a building in Singapore a few years back and theres no 13th floor and no 4th floor. Just skipped the numbers. Funny.


I'm glad Brunei is joining the Green Heart of Borneo initiative. Good for us. Ganya aku ani suka rumah kayu. So how? Wood is just so natural that to live in a rumah kayu just feels right. Especially in the tropics. Its cooling lah.

Saw these the other day. Di aMiriKa. Di Jalanraya. I wonder if they are taken dari hutan asli, atau hutan tanam..???

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Sun

Yesssss the sun is back!!!!! We can start running again and off to the golf course without getting all muddy and wet. Eh rindu ku eh matahari atu eh. My kreta also missed getting a wash. Its all dirty after two weeks being all dirty and unwashed.

I was going thru my pictures and i saw these. Taken on a very hot day! Kasian eh those boys and girls. Glad nobody pengsan. If dulu-dulu, OK lah keep children in the hot sun, but kids nowadays, with aircon everywhere, sikit sun pun sudah susah hey. We need to toughen up our kids. Give us National Service!! Just make sure it applies for those under 25 please.

btw how come the teacher can wear a hat huh??

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I saw three different sets of emotions the other day shown in quite different ways..

Lets see, we have a proud dad...
and a sad little girl...
and..anger? what happened to these chairs??

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pantai pic

Nothing today. I just wanna be there!!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

a smoke

Stuck in a long traffic jam the other day , so like all good little photogs, took out me Nikon and started snapping. Actually i saw this car in front of us with the passenger's hand sticking out holding a ciggie. Don't u just hate that??

I used to smoke but stop sudah. Indada menguntungkan tu besigup atu. Sadar ku udah. Its not so much that it kills you, but more the way it kills you. Lung cancer is painful babe. I have seen a friend dying of lung cancer and i got scared, the way he tried to breathe, damn, it scares me.

If u smoke, try to stop.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

why do men have nipples?

The description on the cover says "Hundreds of questions you'd only ask a doctor after your third martini". The book is full of answers to silly questions like 'does eating chocolate cause acne?', and 'is sperm nutricious? or fattening?' (hahaha), or 'can u drink your own urine?' (yuck!), or 'can u catch diseases from a toilet seat?', and of course the age old question 'do men need sex more often than women?'.

The scientifically proven answers to the questions above are 1. NO, acne is connected more to changing hormones than to food choices, 2. The average ejaculate contain about two to three hundred million sperm. Total calories: about five. So despite its important load, sperm is not particularly nutricious nor fattening, (hmmm...) 3. The Chinese Association of Urine Theraphy (seriously!) says urine is sterile, antiseptic and nontoxic. For serious Yoga practitioners, drinking one's urine is called amorali (er..Danura..?). Its 95% water anyway, with the rest being 2.5%Urea and 2.5%salt and other minerals. But the point is, why the heck would you want to drink your own urine??? 4. Yes you can, BUT its not that common. (phew!). However...WORK may be worse than the toilet seat. A study in Arizona found that the typical office desk harbors around 400 times more disease-causing bacteria than the average toilet seat!! (Obviously, they havent seen our public toilets in Brunei! Huh!). 5. Do we really need to answer this question??? As if we dont know the answer already!!! hahahaha.

btw. Why do men have nipples? Its because boys and girls start the same at the embryo stage. Its only after six weeks that girls nipples were put to use. Men are left with nipples that do nothing. oh, and men can get breast cancer!

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Today i proudly presents me momma's orchids. Well done mum. They're beautiful. I couldnt grow them as well or as delicately as you. Green fingers lady, thats u.

I didnt realise growing orchids can be so tough. I see me mum grow them flowers for so long now and now i understand why. They're booootiful. Kalau kan kawin beguna tu..

Friday, June 15, 2007


Happee Birthday babyyyy. Like they say, a year older, a year wiser. So please act like your age sayang. 13 is old you know! And no, 13 year olds do not date!!!

Band and a bandit

I love schoolbands. Nice uniforms, free instruments to play, standing in the hot sun, unappreciated. Huh. But that did not deter this boy. Full of concentration lerrr.. Must be hard playing that instrument thingy. I dont even know whats it called. In fact, i think i couldnt even hear the sound he makes from all the bing bang poot poot of the drums and trumpets. Took this pic masa St Andrews school sports meet a few weeks ago.

And... then i saw this teacher wearing a hankie ala some lost bandit from some low-budget cowboy movie. Takut panas babe..hehehe

Wear a hat lady!!! The suns not gona kill you!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Gue jalan2 di bandar on Sunday. Wah...sooo many Indonesians and filipinos wah. Especially around the bus station. Ooossshhh, if i didnt know better, i would think i was in the Hayam Wuruk (or is it ayam buruk?) section of Jakarta! Ya lah, after the procession, everybody turun ke bandar lah. No dangdut today tho. Would've been nice to see them enjoying themselves with some dangdut. (i like dangdut. Especially the dance. hehehe).

Even around the Yayasan area, so many huh. I like it. So interesting jadinya the area. Kalau bawa kamera, sakit leher katik sana katik sini.

Brunei ani multicultural jua. I love living here. Siapa inda suka, agatah pigi Landan atu!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Love those pants

Dont you just luurrvvveee those pants.

She has got to be one brave woman to be wearing those..

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

a farm

I love this pic. Saw the worker walking among the plot, just ze hat bobbing up and down and up and down. I was curious about the strings but reasoned it out as something for the sayur to twine along. huh! What do i know. I ain't no farmer. The most I've done recently was cut grass. That's cut, not grow!

Once a long time ago, one of my Malay teachers was angry at us noisy students that he told each of us off. Pakai ruler ma! Whack! (It was acceptable punishment back then). He also said if we make noise again, he will make us jump off the tallest pokok taugeh!!! heeeee... hey what do i know then?! I thought taugeh grew on trees . hahaha.

This was taken somewhere in Brunei. Not sure where. I think i was lost then.

Monday, June 11, 2007

brown veggies?

I love vegetables. Good for you. but there must be something wrong with these. Aren't they supposed to be green?

This pic i took while travelling. Suddenly saw this little farm, a bit run down and took them. Maybe the owners changed their mind about farming. Maybe too many ambuks. Maybe the weather not good. Dono lah. Farming ani is not easy. Needs lots of dedication.

The tambing..

The waterfront, at dusk. All quiet and calm, only a few yards from the hustle and bustle and colorful lights of the city centre.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

U guys are good!

Confined to home today. caught a bug yesterday. So spent the time blog-hopping. Hey i saw many many photos of the procession yesterday. We have a lot of very good photogs in Brunei. Well done you guys. One day i'll join you in your outings.

And once again congratulations to the royal couple.

Another couple i know whos enjoying their life together.

Royal wedding

Congratulations to the Royal couple on the wonderful wedding. May you be blessed with happiness and a happy house.

No pics of the royal wedding for moi. Been busy attending the functions. And too lazy lah to bring a camera, even the little sony. Sitting usually sooo far that cannot see anything also.

Today sat three hours in the kem. Wah my backside panat leh. How come invite at 8am but only 10.30am only the function start meh? But its OK. Means i missed the parade in town. Means no pics again. Means if you all wana see pics of the wedding, you have to go visit the other better photogs such as...the they-shoots. er..not sure if the she-shoots also cover the events today. (I'm curious lah about them...soooo mysterious. Hey me a man lah!!!)

hehehe this one only lah i got. So busy

Saturday, June 9, 2007


I love looking at Bikes. This is my dream motorcycle. hehehe. No lah. Thats setting my sights tooo low man. I would love to own one of those bad-ass Harleys, maybe a low rider or a bad boy. But no licence, so not yet lah. Maybe, no definitely, one day i will. Ish, positive attitude bah.

This pic was taken in aMirika. It was just sitting there with the helmet hanging out. I was doing nothing, just sitting in the coffeeshop next door. It looked good.

You can tell whether you're in Brunei or in aMiri-ka simply by looking out for motorbikes. Well, aside from the number plates, bikes in Miri tend to be small uns like these while in Brunei they tend to be big poseur machines. Ugh!

Friday, June 8, 2007

fish in a tank

Its just a fish. A Nemo. A clown fish. I think. I wonder why its called a clown fish. Doesnt look like any clown i know, and i know plenty of clowns.

Who names fish anyway. Who the hell named a whale a whale, a shark a shark, and a clown fish a bloody clown fish. Why didnt that somebody name a salmon something silly like kgryghmz. hahaha. Or dugrikh. Or something equally unpronounceable. Some fish names are so creative, such as Mackerel, or arowana, salmon, sturgeon, piranha, ostrich ( a bird!) and barracuda. But they ran out of ideas when they started naming fish such as Puffer, catfish, dugung, flatfish and Tuna. hahaha.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Street vendor

Does anybody realise that half of Bruneians are street vendors??? hehehe. No lah, inda kan half. Tapi plenty plenty lah jua. Everywhere got mah. If theres a big event somewhere, day or night, chances are there will be a vendor (maybe six) sitting out the door. Sure punya. Kalo inda pecaya, liat tia. Hey i'm not complaining meh. I'm happy. At least we know that if we ever get thirsty or hungry, somewhere nearby sure ada somebody bejual air kelapa and burger daging campur talor!

Looks like this vendor is bejual on his own out in the middle of nowhere.. Tapi nyaman roti john nya ni..,.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Michelin Man

Kenal ni si awang ani? Most of us this side of Brunei see him (her?) almost every day. This big jolly fellow waving to everyone passing by. My anak calls him a ghost, that was after travelling with him one late night a few months back. Banar jua kali tu...kanak-kanak. My anak ani is even scared of the Jolibee mascot. huh!

If anyone was to ask me for a list of 50 most recognisable features of Brunei, I would put him in that list. You agree kan?

I see that the number of adverts and roadside banners are growing in Brunei. Every major junction in Bandar now has some kind of advertisement or other. Maybe thats a good sign, that businesses now recognise the value of adverts AND has spare cash to put them up. Good for us consumers too. Ganya kadang kala samak bah bandar atu.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Super sweets

These my friends, are called vitality candies. They're not normal candies but are actually viagra (atau yang sewaktu dengannya) in disguise! hahaha. I kid you not. Take one of these (after meals mind you), and your ding-dong Mr. schlong will stand up straight as a flagpole for a day! Maybe more! Makes the wife happy baby. hahaha

Actually a buddy gave some samples to try la. He didnt tell me what they were at first so i took one. After dinner. Then aaa, after a while aaa, suddenly you know my ding-dong aaa feel strong what. Got power! Wah, ma daling smile lah that night. Wah-liauuu... (Errr...okay sorry about the silliness).

Anyway, i called up my friend and he laughed so loud. Hes selling them for $70 for a box of 15. hehehe. Quality product he said. Made in the USA. Satisfaction guaranteed. hehehe. One word of warning tho..never give this to your woman. If give, then u may be in trouble as your woman goes in heat. For days!!!

Anyone want a sample?

Fridge magnets

Eh cuddly bears. These are actually fridge magnets. We collect them. The fridge is full sudah with these magnets, all over and all kinds. Everytime we travel, we mesti cari the magnets. Nowadays ani, even kalau kawan2 blayo, pun durang ikut belikan. Siok eh.

I havent found one of Elvis before. If anyone kan cuti ke Graceland USA, jangan lupa gue....

Sunday, June 3, 2007

My Tivoli

This is my baby, a Tivoli Audio Model One. A Radio. Its a little bugger but it gives a monster sound. Monstahh!! Its Mono, but the sound is so clear and so crisp and so detailed that u lupa it has only one speaker. And its loud for such a little bugger. And the bass.... ooomh. I've had it for several years sudah but its still the best man.

Most nights i listen to the radio, relaxing while doing my work. Brilliant. However.....choice has been poor lately. But my baby ani is so good that i can easily channel surf til i get the station that suits my mood at whatever time of day and nite i wana listen to its sweet voice.

Ish, macam iklan tah pulang...

Saturday, June 2, 2007

An inconvenient truth

This is a book everyone should read. Better still, watch the video. Global warming baby..its real!! And its scary as hell. If after reading the book, or watching the video you still want to diss the issue as just hype, something is wrong with your head!!!! Get it screwed right!

Over the last few years, we see a change in our weather patterns. We have the twins Nino and Nina. We have droughts when there shouldnt be any, and floodings where there should be none. Ntah tau tau esok ada snow in Temburong. (Eh atu good news tu. Dapat tia orang2 Temburong pakai their cool leather jackets yang durang bali dari Limbang. hehe).

But seriously, be aware of global warming. This is our world. Our one and only. Balum lagi kitani buleh escape to the planet Kantutz. So take care of it. Do our part. It may be a small gesture on our part, but it still counts.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Why do men fall asleep after sex?

I love books. I love to read, if only to escape from kehidupan yang boring ani. But i read banyak jua buku2 yang bertujuan mengajar. The next few entries would be about my books.

This book isnt about sex!! Utak kuning! No its a book in a series by two scientists to explain some common things. Normal things that we have but we seldom question. Questions like 'why do women pee more than men?' (because men have larger bladders and can store more and whenever men pee, they therefore pee more. Womens bladder is smaller and so they have to pee more often. hahaha), 'why do feet smell?'( because even though sweat is odor-free, bacteria on the surface of the feet act on the sweat and caused the stink. and we have a quarter of a million sweat glands on our feet), 'do animals masturbate?' (yes they do! Orangutans in Borneo have even learned to masturbate using sticks!!). etc etc etc. Hundreds of useless information in the books. Geddit?

btw why do men fall asleep after sex? The book gave three possible explanations. Chemicals. Men orgasm more than women. And 'men work so damn hard'. Go figure!

p.s. The other book in the series is titled "why do men have nipples?".