Saturday, November 10, 2007


Drove down to KB the other day. Along the way, somewhere near the junction to Labi saw street vendors selling corn. Lots and lots of lovely corn. From Labi they said. So we stopped and bought some. And took pics. hahaha. Biasa ler..sign of a crazy photog is when they start taking pics of just about anything they see.. And if you see my pics, i am a crazy photog.

Its amazing that we grow corn in Brunei but the growers can only manage to sell them at roadside stalls. And its not expensive. Do we have anyone who process corn into say, canned something or whatever? Is there a big producer of canned corn or something in Brunei??

Anyway, the trip to Belait was okay lah. Took an hour to reach KB. Would have been faster if the highway is complete all the way from BSB to KB. Just a 10 mile or so stretch thats still the original 'kampung road'.

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