Monday, November 19, 2007


I like taking pics of flowers. So bright and colourful. So i give u..more flower pics!!!

These are some new flowers in me mums garden. Was hoping to get a good pic of a bee or something just to make the pic interesting. But waiting for loooong minutes and still nadaiii. Mabe bees are not attracted to orchids. No pollen maybe. I dont know. I dont like gardening.

I have lots of friends who garden nowadays. Keeping flowers at home and tinkering with them and little pots during the weekends. I have friends who jump over the border to Limbang just to buy flower pots there...they have many kinds and its cheaper. I guess its much cheaper there. Doesnt much help our local sellers but customers are king! People dont have much money nowadays so everything depends on price. And since Limbang is just a half hour away...

Speaking of Limbang....... mmmmmmm

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