Monday, November 12, 2007

The photographer

This guy was busy taking photographs the other day. He looks so ... I dont know. What do you think? I thought he looked funny.. a bit of a showoff with his probably new Canon SLR. Oh and he was taking photos of a group of us.. including some hot looking women in our group. Probably that set him off in this pose. hahaha.

Its funny sometimes when we see photographers doing their stuff. We focus on angles and getting a good picture. Sometimes that means we having to crouch, lie down, sit, squat, stand on chairs and whatever it takes to take that killer shot. When we are so immersed in our shots, we are invisible. We dont realise and we are not aware of the people around us. Nor do we care that we might look akward and funny. Sometimes we look downright silly. Thats us most ofthe time.

But then again, most times you see people who take camera shots 'decently', meaning they stand upright and proper. These people are showoffs..hahaha. I like to think so. The shots dont matter as long as they dont look silly taking the shots. In the end, they get decent enough shots that could have been better had they crouched lower or stood on a ledge or something.

Something to think about.

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