Sunday, December 2, 2007


Took this pic at one of the beaches on last Sunday. Lots of people having their picnic. Its nice. These group of kids were having their picture taken. So cute. Waiting patiently for the photographer to take their picture. I curi-curi lah with my 400mm lens way from the back. Couldnt resist. They were so nice and still. Yang kat hujung tu hensem ler..

Baju the mother tu tepaksa di 'censor' sikit. Tenaik bah.

I normally dont take pictures of people i dont know. Macam intruding bah. A bit like paparazzi...gambar curi. Mesti ada permission baru buleh show. Mana lah tau...kang salah tayang..gambar sulit!! Susah jua. Cuba tengok gambar bawah ni...

The couple in the foreground would be in trouble if they are not married lah. So if they bukan laki bini, they be in trouble and i am a troublemaker. Jadi paparazzi lah tu. Ha. Kalo mau jadi famous, jadi lah ku tu.

So kena lah be kepul sikit. Supaya tiada yang teraniaya.

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