Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Its so nice and hot on Sunday. I see lots of people out fishing. I wish i know how to fish. No patience. I'd get bored after five minutes.

Hensem kawan tani diatas ani eh. Pandai jaga diri bah. Sudahpun pakai topi, pakai payong lagi tuh. Bleh tahan eh. Mesti takut hitam ni kawan tani ani. Jaga diri. Heh.

The weather is kinda all over the place nowadays. The last few days its been raining. Just when you thought the weathers going to be nice, it pours. Happens all the time after you wash your car. Or hang your clothes to dry.

Well done to Anakbrunei for winning the Bloggies. I voted for you man!! My vote won it for you!! hahaha. As if!

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