Friday, December 7, 2007


Had a picnic the other week. Built a nice fire and had a barbecue. This is the fire. Looks really hot. Kids built the with adult supervision la. I took a pic of the fire..turns out nice. Never seen fire like that. I take fire for granted. I know its red. And maybe blue. And i know its hot!

Then we had a barbecue. We went fishing, using a pukat or whatever that is called. Caught lots of prawns instead. Menyalai eh!!!

Best lah. Sedap. I wanted to say that the kids loved it, but i have to say we adlts loved it more. haha. The family loves doing this...picnics over the weekends. Tungku mostly. Its beautiful there. But nowadays we have to check the tide times. Eversince they did the earthworks in Tungku, the road is mostly inaccessible by car and 4wd. Only big trucks can pass through. Eh susah eh. We have to drive along the actual beach nowadays. Not possible if you dont have 4wd. The sand can be so soft.

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